Fortis Enroll makes it easy to sign up new electricity customers
About FortisUtility

FortisEnroll is multiple step process for collecting the needed information of potential new electricty customers looking to switch their provider.

FortisEnroll is flexible and can be customized to fit specific needs. Whether you want to just collect customer data for marketing purposes or the integrate the data into your existing database or billing system, we provide flexible solutions to fit every need.

FortisEnroll is a fast and flexible enrollment module that quickly captures new utility customers.

  • Equifax integration for credit checks (turn on/off)
  • Real time or batch deposit payments (turn on/off)
  • Service availability check
  • Dynamic product display based on postal code/service area
  • Dynamic credit policy rules

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Fortis Utility is a software suite specifically for Retail Electricity Providers from Fortis Interactive  
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